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Some links I keep around for reference.
I have collected a few of my favorite resources related to startups and financing  -- quite a bit dated from a prior life but still useful.

John Doer's starrtup manual
One of the classics.

Fenwick and West on Startups
Attorney Jacqueline Daunt writes an excellent overview of the venture capital process for new entrepreneurs. Highly recommended.

Engineering Your High Tech Startup
The full book online! A great read on the whole startup experience, with detailed explanations of the VC process.

IEEE High Tech Funding Seminar Presentation
An extremely helpful presentation on the money-raising process.

MIT Business Journal, Thinking About Valuation
Useful information on valuation.

The Growth Company Guide
A vital web site for the new entrepreneur.

Dealing With Venture Capitalists
Venture Capital Financing Process

VC Comics
A lighter view of venture capital investing.

Robert La Follette Creative
One of the best graphic designers I have ever worked with. (Yeah, he did this site.)
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